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The Corporate Governance Scorecard (CGS) is a corporate governance rating system designed to raise the standards of corporate governance practices of the GOCCs to be at par with the ASEAN state-owned enterprises. It is a list of questions used to rate a GOCC's governance policies and practices on the basis of the three (3) OECD Principles of Corporate Governance for State-Owned Enterprises.


Questions: PRA Statement Links
1. Does the GOCC disclose a policy that:
a. Stipulates the existence and scope of its effort to address customer's welfare? PRA’s adoption of the Strategic Engagement Management Plan (SEMP) and its commitment to the Performance Agreement entered with the GCG reflects our dedication in prioritizing the well being of our customers. It is also stated in our Manual of Corporate Governance to ensure fair treatment of our stakeholders and to strengthen PRA’s relations with them. Policies relating to the interest of our stakeholders are also detailed in the 2010-2015 Corporate Report. Executive Order No. 146 streamlined the procedures and requirements for the processing of applications. These are detailed in flowcharts published in our website under menu item Services (dropdown menu links Reclamation thru PRA, thru LGUs, and thru  NGAs/GOCCs). The Board approved the PRA Freedom of Information Manual to provide the guidelines, process and procedures in dealing with requests for information received under Executive Order (E.O.) No. 02 on Freedom of Information (FOI). 


Identified stakeholders page 9 item IV.B 

Page 27 item VI. Resources and Responsibilities, Item VII. Grievance Mechanism)

Manual of Corporate Governance Page 5 item 4.3.j.

Freedom of Information

b. Elaborates its efforts to interact with the communities in which they operate?

 2010-2015 Corporate Report –livelihood and training programs pages 42-43

c. Ensure that its value chain is environmentally friendly or is consistent with promoting sustainable development?

2010-2015 Corporate Report Corporate Profile page 10 

2. Does the GOCC disclose the activities that it has undertaken to implement the abovementioned policies?
a. Customer health and safety

As part of its commitment in promoting the health and safety of its stakeholders, PRA implemented programs and activities promoting their well-being are published in the website and the 2010-2015 Corporate Report. 


Freedom of Information

Gender and Development (GAD)

Relocation and Community development program

Tacloban - Palo Coastal Defense Strategy  (video)

b. Interaction with the communities The Corporate Report and website show details of the Agency's activities in strenghthening its communication and ties with its stakeholders. 

 2010-2015 Corporate Report –livelihood and training programs pages 42-43

Senior Citizens and Differently Abled

Tacloban - Palo Coastal Defense Strategy  (video)

Transfer of Knowledge Regional Session

c. Environmentally-friendly value chain

As stated in the 2010-2015 Corporate Report, PRA made initiatives to generate a study and decision support system that will be the basis for planning, design and eventual implementation of reclamation projects that are commercially viable and pursuant to its dedication to sustainable natural resources utilization and protection of the environment. The need for an ECC prior to start any reclamation works is a clear indication that PRA strongly adheres to environmental laws.

2010-2015 Corporate Report: Highlights and Accomplishment -

3. Does the GOCC have a separate corporate social responsibility (CSR) report/section or sustainability report/section? Yes 

2010-2015 Corporate Report pages 42-43

Website CSR Statement under menu item About PRA

4. Stakeholders' effective redress for violation of rights - Where stakeholder interests are protected by law, stakeholders should have the opportunity to obtain effective redress for violation of their rights. Does the GOCC provide contact details via the company's website or Annual Report which stakeholders (e.g. customers, suppliers, general public etc.) can use to voice their concerns and/or complaints for possible violation of their rights? Yes 

PRA Telephone directory

5. Performance-enhancing mechanisms for employee participation
a. Does the GOCC explicitly mention the health, safety and welfare policy for its employees?

Employee welfare is part of PRA's core values. We always strive to provide the needs of our employees through diligent planning and observation of career developments and policies. Implementation of HR programs and activities are published on the website. 

 Employees Hub
b. Does the GOCC publish data relating to health, safety and welfare of its employees?

Fire Safety Seminar & Drill Certificate - awarded by the DILG Bureau of Fire Protection NCR Makati City Fire Statiion to Legaspi Towers 200 - Cluster 1 for successfully conducting a fire seminar on April 17, 2015 and drill on May 14, 2015 participated by building employees and tenants

Building Emergency Evacuation Plan (BEEP) for Fire and Earthquake Certificate - awarded by Barangay San Lorenzo Makati - Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Committee to Legaspi Tower 200 tenants for compliance to Barangay San Lorenzo Barangay Ordinance no. 003-05 Building Emergency Evacuation Plan (BEEP) for Fire and Earthquake on March 14, 2015

2015 Health and Wellness Activity and Programs

c. Does the GOCC have training and development programmes for its employees? PRA Career Development Plan
d. Does the GOCC publish data on training and development programs for its employees? 2015 Trainings and Seminars
6. Performance-enhancing mechanisms for employee participation
a. Stakeholders including individual employee and their representative bodies should be able to freely communicate their concerns about illegal or unethical practices to the board and their rights should not be compromised for doing this. Does the GOCC have procedures for complaints by employees concerning illegal (including corruption) and unethical behavior? Stated in the PRA website's Employees Hub are the policies the Agency adheres to and activities implemented to secure and protect our employees.

Whistleblowing policy

Grievance Machinery

b. Does the GOCC have procedures to protect an employee/person who reveals illegal/unethical behavior from retaliation?
7. Quality of Annual Report
a. Corporate objectives Yes

Corporate Objectives 

PRA Laws and Mandates

b. Financial performance indicators  Yes Audited Statements of Financial Position
c. Non-financial performance indicators?  Yes

2015 PES 1

Land Development Project

Tacloban - Palo Coastal Defense Strategy  (video)

Building Projects and Construction Management

d. Details of whistle-blowing policy?  Yes  Link on the PRA website,  Governance Menu, Whistleblowing policy
e. Biographical details (at least age, qualifications, date of first appointment, relevant experience, and any other directorships of listed companies) of directors/commissioners? Yes 

BOD profile (2010-2015 Corporate Report)

BOD profile (website link)

f. Training and/or continuing education programme attended by each director/commissioner? Trainings are stipulated in their respective profiles found in the 2010-2015 Corporate Report.
8. Are the annual reports downloadable from the GOCC's website?  Yes Under the menu item About PRATransparency Seal item II.B. Annual reports
9.  Does the Annual Report contain a statement confirming the company's full compliance with the code of corporate governance and where there is non-compliance, identify and explain reasons for each such issue?   Yes

 Corporate Governance Certificate of Compliance

10. Timely filing/release of annual/financial reports
a. Are the audited annual financial report/statement released within 60 days upon receipt from COA?  Yes  2015 AFS received by PRA from COA on June 29, 2016; posted on the website August 09, 2016 (Transparency Seal Item II. A. entitled CY 2015 Audited)
b. Is the annual report released within 90 days from release of audited financial report?  Yes  2010-2015 Corporate Report released and published on the website September 02, 2016
c. Is the true and fairness/fair representation of the annual financial statement/reports affirmed by the board of directors/commissioners and/or the relevant officers of the company?  Yes Statement of Directors for Financia Year Ended 31 December 2015
11. Corporate Vision and Mission/ Strategy
a. Has the Board of Directors reviewed the vision and mission/ strategy in the last financial year?  Yes Role of the Board in Corporate Strategy 
b. Does the Board of Directors monitor/oversee the implementation of the corporate strategy?   Yes

 Manual of Corporate Governance page 5 item 4.3.b and 4.3.i

12. Did the GOCC achieve 90% in the PES?   Yes Under the Code of Corporate Governance for GOCCs - PES 2015
13. Code of ethics or conduct
a. Are the details of the code of ethics or conduct disclosed?

 The PRA Code of Ethics, describes the duties, responsibilities, policies, implementation process, monitoring and conduct of every employee which should be strictly observed. PRA also adheres to CSC rules and regulations on proper norms and conduct of a civil servant. These are stated under the Employees Hub.

 Link under menu item About PRA
b. Does the GOCC disclose that all Directors/Commissioners, senior management and employees are required to comply with the code?

Code of Ethics Section 2 Norms of Conduct and Section 3 Duties of PRA Officials and Employees

c. Does the company disclose how it implements and monitors compliance with the code of ethics or conduct?

Code of Ethics Section 5 Prohibited Acts and Transactions

No Gift Policy

14. Does the Board appoint a Nomination Compensation/Remuneration Committee? Yes, members are stated in the Committee report.   Please refer to item number 16.
15. Did the Nomination Compensation/Remuneration Committee meet at least twice during the year? PRA is also compliant to the GCG iPED Directors Attendance System 

Board Attendance

1. February 2, 2015

2. May 26, 2015

16. If yes, is the report of the Nomination Compensation/Remuneration Committee publicly disclosed? Yes  Nomination and Remuneration Committee Report 
17. Does the Board appoint an Audit Committee? Yes, members are stated in the Committee report. Please refer to item number 18
18. If yes, is the report of the Audit Committee publicly disclosed? Yes   Audit Committee Report 
19. Does at least one member of the Audit Committee have an audit, accounting or finance background (qualification or experience)?  Yes Chairman Roberto T. Muldong 
20. Did the Audit Committee meet at least four times during the year?  Yes

Board Attendance

Audit Committee meetings:

1. Feb. 2, 2015

2. May 21, 2015

3. July 14, 2015

4. September 1, 2015

5. December 22, 2015

21. Does the Board appoint a Risk Management Committee? Yes, members are stated in the Committee report.  Please refer to item number 22.
22. If yes, is the report on Risk Management Committee publicly disclosed?  Yes Risk Management Committee Report
23. Does at least one member of the Risk Management Committee have a background in finance and investments?  Yes

Dir. Rene Enrique M. Silos (AB Economics and Business Management

Dir. Edilberto C. De Jesus (Masters in Business Management Program)

24. Board meetings and attendance
a. Are the Board of Directors meetings scheduled at the beginning of the year? (end of Q1)  Regular Board meetings are held every third Wednesday of the month. Changes and adjustments in the schedule are made relative to the availability of the GM/CEO, Chairman of the Board and Board of Directors.
b. Does the Board of Directors meet at least monthly? PRA is also compliant with the GCG iPED Directors Attendance System relative to the GCG Code of Corporate Governance  Board Attendance
c. Did the Board of Directors meet on at least 75% on their scheduled meetings?  Yes Summary of 2015 Board Attendance
d. Has each of the directors/commissioners attended at least 90% of all the board meetings held during the year?  Yes Summary of 2015 Board Attendance 
e. Did the Board of Directors meet separately at least once during the year without the President/CEO present?  n/a
25. Access to Information
a. Does the GOCC have a policy that stipulates board papers for Board of Directors/Commissioners meetings be provided to the Board at least three (3) working days in advance of the board meeting? Board materials are provided to the board at least three (3) working days prior to the scheduled board meeting pursuant to the PRA by-laws. PRA has also implemented Paperless Board meeting. Board folios can be downloaded online through an application specifically for PRA use only on tablets, mobile phone, laptops or desktops.  Manual of Corporate Governance page 9 item 5.2.e
b. Is the Board Secretary trained in legal, accountancy or company secretarial practices?  Yes Corporate Secretary Profile 
26. Internal Audit
a. Does the company have a separate internal audit function?  Yes.   Organzational Chart
b. Does the appointment and removal of the internal auditor require the approval of the Audit Committee? Based on the Philippine Reclamation Authority Charter of the Audit Committee dated 22 March, 2013, appointment and removal of the Internal Auditor shall come from the Audit Committee.
27. Risk Oversight
a. Does the company disclose the internal control procedures/risk management systems it has in place? Material Risk Factors and Strategies GCG MC No. 2013-05
b. Does the Annual Report disclose that the board of directors/commissioners has conducted a review of the company's material controls (including operational, financial and compliance controls) and risk management systems?  n/a
c. Does the company disclose how key risks are managed? Material Risk Factors and Strategies GCG MC No. 2013-05
d. Does the Annual Report contain a statement from the Board of Directors or Audit Committee commenting on the adequacy of the GOCC's internal controls/risk management systems? n/a
28. Do different persons assume the roles of Chairman and CEO?  Yes, please refer to their respective profiles in the 2010-2015 corporate report and website link.

BOD profile (2010-2015 Corporate Report)

BOD profile (website link)

29. Orientation Program
a. Does the GOCC have orientation programs for new Directors? New appointive Director/s undergo orientation program facilitated by the Management Committee and CORPLAN-MIS Department. The orientation covers topics such as the duties and responsibilities of each unit/department, status of projects, financial and non-financial standing of the Agency 


b. Does the GOCC have a policy that encourages Directors/Commissioners to attend on-going or continuous professional education programs? PRA, in its recognition of the importance of development and growth, encourages the Board of Directors to attend  trainings and/or continuous professional education programs. They are apprised of relevant seminars and courses and provides for the necessary arrangements and funding. 
c. Did all Appointive Directors attend at least 1 training for the calendar year?  Yes Trainings are stated in the Board of Directors profile in the 2010-2015 Corporate Report
30. Board Appraisal
a. Is an annual performance assessment conducted of the Board of Directors? PRA is compliant with the GCG Memorandum Circular 2014-03 Performance Evaluation for Directors (PED)  Section 4.7. Fit and Proper Role (Page 7) and Section 14. 4 Duty of Diligence (Page 17) of the PRA Manual Corporate Governance 
b. Does the GOCC disclose the process followed in conducting the Board assessment?  n/a
c. Does the GOCC disclose the criteria used in the Board assessment?   n/a
31. Is an annual performance assessment conducted of the Board of Directors Committees?  n/a
Does the GOCC practice Global Reporting Index (GRI) on its annual reports  n/a
Is the audited annual financial reports/statement released within 30 days upon receipt from COA  Yes  AFS received from COA June 29, 2016 published on the website August 9, 2016
Are there members of the Board of Directors who hold more than five (5) positions in GOCCs and PLCs? Board profile states the membership and qualifications of each Board member.

 BOD profile (2010-2015 Corporate Report)

BOD profile (website link)