In 2040, Filipinos will enjoy greater access to additional and improved land areas through reclamation and estate development, following rigorous environmental standards to strengthen coastal defense and to provide well-planned, integrated infrastructure and facilities necessary to promote community collaboration, in a resilient and high trust society enjoying better quality of life.


We are the lead government instrumentality mandated to reclaim land, regulate reclamation activities, develop government properties using environmentally sound estate development and management approaches to serve as platforms for innovative and sustainable socio-economic growth centers. Working with our stakeholders, we create legacy islands on water for the country’s coastal defenses and sites for residential, commercial and industrial enterprises to achieve stable and comfortable lives and advance the country’s development goals.


Professionalism and Team Work
Respect for the environment
Responsive to society’s needs
Partnership driven


  • Regulatory & Proprietary Land Reclamation
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Public Estates Development & Management


  • We believe in building bridges between our nation’s vision and its fruition as well as between our government’s objectives and their realization.
  • We believe in integrating the PRA’s goals with relevant national economic development plans.
  • We believe in increasing our nation’s resources and accelerating its development for the benefit of future generations by creating new frontiers of land reclaimed from the sea.
  • We believe in molding the PRA into a cohesive organization whose personnel are consistently infused with esprit’d corps needed to sustain the PRA’s efforts to achieve its pioneering tasks.
  • We believe in forging ahead with zeal and dedication along the path of success.
  • For the success of the PRA’s mission, measured in the anvil of time is the success of our nation’s vision.