VISION: Contribute and promote economic and social progress through environmentally sustainable land reclamation of approximately 700 hectares and effective public estates development and management by 2020.

MISSION: To increase the nation's land assets through reclamation in an environmentally sustainable manner consistent with the public interest and to provide for a coastal defense strategy for the benefit of the future generations of Filipino people.


  • Transformational & Adaptive 
  • Reverence for Sustainable Development
  • Teamwork & Camaraderie
  • Culture of Professionalism, Integrity, Accountability & Responsiveness   


  • Regulatory & Proprietary Land Reclamation
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Public Estates Development & Management


  • We believe in building bridges between our nation’s vision and its fruition as well as between our government’s objectives and their realization.
  • We believe in integrating the PRA’s goals with relevant national economic development plans.
  • We believe in increasing our nation’s resources and accelerating its development for the benefit of future generations by creating new frontiers of land reclaimed from the sea.
  • We believe in molding the PRA into a cohesive organization whose personnel are consistently infused with esprit’d corps needed to sustain the PRA’s efforts to achieve its pioneering tasks.
  • We believe in forging ahead with zeal and dedication along the path of success.
  • For the success of the PRA’s mission, measured in the anvil of time is the success of our nation’s vision.